Enjoy at anytime the intense flavor of the best high-altitude wines in Santa Catarina paired with our gourmet cuisine at Abreu Garcia Boutique Winery, located in Campo Belo do Sul at 3,100 feet above sea level.

The vineyards extend over 25 acres where different types of grapes are grown to produce a wide range of white, red and sparkling wines to fit your taste.

Refinement of the senses and sophisticated food
An unforgettable experience
A wide variety of flavors to enjoy at the dining table
Lunch or tasting in a climate-controlled environment
Diverse menu options
Heavenly view

Our chef perfectly pairs the avant-garde food of the best restaurants with our highland tradition.
The reception is especially outstanding: our visitors are welcomed by our enologists and invited to taste wines with a delicate aroma, produced using state-of-the-art technology and art.

Visiting Abreu Garcia Winery is a must if you want to really get to know the qualities of the Santa Catarina highlands.

Book your visit: phone (+55) (48) 3322-3995, or email contato@abreugarcia.com.br – and welcome to our winery!


What stands out at Abreu Garcia is the cob-and-stone-built chapel made with stones quarried from the property. Its construction started in 2007 and was completed two years later. The works were carried out by local traditional cob and stone builders. As the winery owners worship St. Clare, her image was placed on the altar and depicted on one of the beautiful stained-glass windows. In 2009, Arthur Abreu Garcia, the family first-born son was christened, and four years later so was the youngest daughter, Manuela Abreu Garcia. Due to its architectural beauty, the chapel is currently available for photoshoots.

The ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE in Abreu Garcia’s property is a 15th-century indigenous geoglyph where rituals and funerals were conducted to worship and bury their most outstanding ancestors in a sacred place. The monument comprises two rings, 138-feet and 50-feet in diameter, respectively. Two perfect circles made in such a way that the outer surface of the ring is slightly above the inner surface, giving the impression of depth with the center mound standing out and appearing even more monumental. Within the smallest ring, the center of which is covered by soil, 16 remains of cremated bones were found. Some of those bones were dated to AD 1450-1650, revealing the existence of an older civilization in the area. This construction was built and used by the Taquara/Itarare people, a fact certified by a team of renowned archeologists from the English universities of Exeter, Teesside and Reading, and the Brazilian universities UNISUL, UFPR and USP. Researchers found small thin-walled carved pottery, as well as vestiges of vegetable fiber baskets. Evidence of underground houses was found close to that area. Such underground houses are the only ones found in South America.

As a mark of their deepest respect, Abreu Garcia’s owners built St. Clare’s chapel at the side of the archeological site, creating a religious syncretism of both cultures.

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